Extended Cast

Spoiler Warning
Many of these characters haven’t been explicitly shown in story yet, had their gender revealed, or haven’t had their powers explained, so if you don’t want to know that information, don’t read it.

Setalite City Hero HQ
An organization that exists in most cities, with their own individual branches. Setalite City Branch is home to upwards of one-hundred heroes.

A member of the Setalite City HQ Heroes, his power is a form of energy augmentation that massively enhances the physical capabilities of the user.

A member of the Setalite City HQ Heroes, whose power is currently unknown, he has shown multiple instances of high tech equipment, sticky thread shots, a kinetic damage rifle, and armor.

A member of the Setalite City HQ Heroes, whose power allows him to slide between a gradient of super speed and super strength.

A member of the Setalite City HQ Heroes, she has shown super strength, super speed, and passive defensive probability manipulation.

A member of the Setalite City HQ Heroes, she has the ability to generate a massive amount of water and manipulate it.

A member of the Setalite City HQ Heroes, their power is pulling the user and the targets into an alternate reality that is seemingly under the control of the user.

A member of the Setalite City HQ Heroes, she possesses the power to telekinetically control objects touched within the last ten seconds.

A member of the Setalite City HQ Heroes, whose exact power is currently unknown, has shown instances of super strength, super speed, indestructibility, and a high-tech combat suit.

Setalite City Villain Groups

A group of villains from Setalite City who routinely take on contracts of procurement, and theft.

A villain who is also known by the moniker ‘The Trapmaker,’ it is speculated that he has enhanced intelligence and uses it to create a wide variety of gadgets and traps. Known equipment: Grappling hook, Bola shot, sticky bombs, laser cutter, mechanical armor.

She is an energy manipulator who controls unknown blue energy for a variety of different functions, producing constructs, weapons, projectiles, and augmenting the user’s physical capabilities.

The leader of Ascent and a hydrokinetic that is capable of generating and controlling water, as well as liquefying his own body.

She is a energy manipulator that stores up kinetic energy over time, passively transforming it into both durability and strength, large offensive uses of the energy will use it up quickly and thus will require time to recharge.

She is a villain who is able to create resistance against the bodily movement of anyone she is looking at, slowing them down proportionally the longer she remains looking at them. Only works on a single person at a time.

The Crew
A group of villains from Setalite City who commit bank robberies, muggings, and target wealthy businesses.

A villain whose power is assumed to be some kind of remote viewing, the mechanism by which her power works is currently unknown.

A villain with a dangerous power, she marks the target by touch with a black circle, and it will remain marked for up to a minute. If Piston manages to land a strike inside that mark in that time, it will be amplified a hundred-fold.

He is a villain with a variety of powers, some of which are snakelike. Minor Shapeshifting. Super Strength. Enhanced Reflexes. Venom store. Fangs.

A villain whose ability builds up a charge of invisibility while standing still that can be later used while moving. Once activated, his power will render him unable to be seen as long as he stands still. Limit one-hour of storage.

Setalite City Solo

Solo Villains
Some of the notable solo villains.

A solo villain with a spotty career, he is able to lift a single thing in his line of sight off the ground telekinetically. Regardless of its weight or composition, at a certain size, his power stops affecting the object; he has been known to lift cars and buses.

A serial killer with a very high kill count, he can create up to five grey constructs that have a limited degree of autonomy. If he or the constructs touch something organic with his power activated, it will quickly wither and die.

Regarded as the strongest solo villain in Setalite city, she has showcased super strength, invulnerability, and size manipulation—she is one of the rare few who has gone toe to toe with Paragon and escaped unharmed.

A solo villain that resides in Setalite City, whose power is physical invulnerability and flawless coordination, she is known to use tranquilizer darts and stream’s her antics online.

A solo villain that resides in Setalite City, her power involves sensory abilities, electricity augmentation, and remote electricity manipulation.

A relatively new villain from Setalite City, his power allows him to telekinetically control spherical objects.

Solo Heroes
Some of the notable solo heroes.

A very well known but brutal hero who always catches her targets. She has shown a level of super speed far above most others, as well as super strength, and durability. Additionally, she has the ability to mark anything she touches with an invisible marker that lasts for exactly twenty-four hours, allowing her to track the individual wherever they go.

A lesser known solo hero who can send anything or anyone she touches hurtling in a direction at great speed.

A new solo hero who is quickly becoming very popular, he is capable of extremely rapid, short-range teleportation. Each time he performs a teleportation within ten seconds, it adds additional kinetic damage to his next physical strike.

International Hero Groups

The worlds most respected heroes, they have risked life and limb to defend humanity from various extinction threats.

He is thought to be a baseline human in physical capabilities, but is considered a highly skilled melee combatant. It is speculated that he has enhanced intelligence, a perfect memory, and some kind of enhanced learning ability.

Widely considered to be the strongest hero in the world, Paragon boasts unrivaled strength, speed, and durability; he is capable of flying, unaided by any visible source of energy, and radiates an invisible aura that calms those around him.

One of the few able to match Paragon’s might, she is able to absorb sound passively, and actively. She can store it as a charge in her body. This stored power is later able to be used to increase her strength, speed, and durability to absurd degrees.

A absurdly tall and thin hero with two potent abilities, telekinesis and teleportation.

A well liked hero, who possesses an esoteric power that allows her to forcefully impose a rule over a targeted area, a person or an object, anyone, or anything inside the field must follow the rule.

A very popular hero, who has a startling social media presence, he is able to create and manipulate hard light illusions.

A well-respected hero who is able to heal seemingly any injury on touch. The mechanism by which it works is currently unknown. She also possesses an invisible empathetic field around her, which allows her to sense the emotions of those within fifty feet.

The Pantheon
A international group of heroes whose brutal methods are looked down upon.

The Warrior
A massive man who possesses enhanced physical capabilities and high-Speed regeneration.

A dashingly handsome woman who possesses the ability to phase through objects as well as a potent straight line teleportation that instantly deposits her at the target location, having passed through all spaces in between.

A mysterious masked figure who is said to be unbeatable in hand-to-hand combat.

A baseline human with absolutely overwhelming strength when striking. During a public, friendly demonstration, he once broke Paragon’s arm by accident, and he is the only known person to have injured Monstrous.

A very rude hero who attaches herself to her targets and verbally torments them while gathering information.

A pleasant young man who is capable of bestowing multiple enhancements to others on contact.

International Villain Groups

A powerful but lesser known group of villains who work internationally.

An angry villain who creates automatons out of any materials they are in contact with.

A lesser-known villain who can deploy a sensory deprivation field with a twenty-meter radius, she is able to select who inside the field is affected and who is not.

A villain who has a variety of powers, including multiple defensive fields, the ability to track targets remotely, and several conditional offensive attacks.

A villain with bright pink hair, who is, without distinction of ally or enemy, capable of paralyzing everything in her line of sight, holds them in the exact position they were in and restricting breathing.

An irreverent villain of advanced age who a high degree of superspeed as long as his feet are touching the ground. He is able to activate a perfect state of immutability after several seconds of charge time.

A villain who wears a business suit, he possesses Super Speed and is capable of imbuing objects with accumulated energy. At a certain level of energy, the object will become entirely immutable and able to cut through seemingly everything in its path.

An villain who has never been seen but has been speculated to deploy a remote teleportation field. It is noticeable by its distinctive blue light, it creates a circle at any location they can observe.

A powerful villain who has access to pure telekinetic force, he is capable of using it in both potent defensive and offensive ways.

A villain who seems to possess an almost precognitive understanding of how things will occur—Speculated to have enhanced intelligence, planning, understanding of people, and how it all fits together.

An international group of supervillains and serial killers.

The current leader of Epilogue, her abilities are completely unknown.

A amoral serial killer who sexually assaults her victims before killing them, she has the chilling power to take control of her victims bodies with her voice.

A terrifying being, known by her civilian identity as Mara Melancholia.

The Researcher
A well know scientist turned villain, his power allows him an instinctive understanding of how things work, and it extends to powers.

Kidnapped and experimented on by Epilogue, Taker is self-reported to originate from a combined experiment by both Tiamat and The Researcher. She has access to a wide variety of dangerous abilities, and her name is well-earned as she has a reputation for taking people from their homes in the middle of the night.

A masked villain whose power, and appearance has been reported as having changed in every engagement, it is suggested that Reset is actually several different people, having been replaced after death with a new member.

A mirthful and deranged serial killer who takes perverse pleasure in making her intentions known in advance. She is capable of retaining the powers of those she kills, she is able to switch between the bodies of her victims. Her previous known victim’s have powers that include Shapeshifting and Telekinesis, but she is suspected of having access to several others.

More to come.